Surname Index

Name Publication Location
wdt_ID Name Publication Location
1 ?Hitty Johanna CEM208 St. Thomas Roman Catholic Cemetery
2 Aabickiene Liudbika CEM535 Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery
3 Aalbers Terrance Gerrit William CEM316 Mount Hamilton Cemetery
4 Aalto Taimi W. CEM385 Woodland Cemetery
5 Aarend Aime CEM350-2 Woodland Cemetery
6 Aarend Enn CEM350-2 Woodland Cemetery
7 Aarend Linda CEM350-2 Woodland Cemetery
8 Aarlaht/Adler Karl Johannes CEM401 Woodland Cemetery
9 Aaron Abraham CEM567 Grand Order of Israel Cemetery
10 Aaron Ida CEM567 Grand Order of Israel Cemetery